About Dr. Annette J. Trick

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I would like to share some things about me with you and why I do what I do, since you as a client are the one usually sharing all of your personal information with me.  

I was born in Edgerton, Wisconsin and I was raised on a farm which I would not trade for anything. I had and continue to have a very special connection and deep love for animals and Mother Earth. I gave up my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian when I was in high school. I was placed on prescribed medication for my asthma and I was devastated when this medication would not allow me to fully participate in my life. I could not even run a mile without vomiting and suffering severe abdominal cramps. I loved sports. I was in volleyball, basketball and track from sixth through twelve grade and lettered in all three sports. A part of my joy for living was taken away. My mother in desperation when I refused to take the medication, took me to a chiropractor. After being given specific chiropractic adjustments and the nutritional supplements my body was craving, I was able to participate fully in my life again. I got my life back and I was filled with JOY! This is when I was inspired to become a chiropractor. I had the privilege of working at a chiropractic office while I was in high school and while attending university. Patients would come into the office in anguish and despair and leave in relief and having hope. This ignited my passion for chiropractic even more!

I am very grateful for having been introduced to Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) while I was suffering from severe back pain that could not be diagnosed or helped by countless doctors or

practitioners. NET was the missing component for me to heal. Through NET I found there was

another component besides structural, chemical

and toxic stresses. After attending my first NET seminar in 1994, I implemented NET into my practice more and more and immersed myself in the technique. I became Certified in NET in 2000. I have seen what amazing and quick transformations take place when you release stress patterns with NET. I became a Certified Animal Chiropractor by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA) so that I could devote my life to giving back to animals. 


I enjoy learning, traveling and immersing myself in Mother Earth with my four legged kids. And I am a woman who seeks adventure. I have chosen to 

devote my life to the healing arts because of what chiropractic has done for me. I feel that chiropractic can help beings live life more fully. I am so grateful to be able to participate in this process and witness daily MIRACLES in my clients. I am also very grateful I get to use my gifts and skills to help improve the quality of you and your four legged family's life. It brings me so much joy: animals, chiropractic, being of service and making an impact!